Selasa, 10 April 2012


My  name is candra sitorus. You can call me candra,andy, andra or something like that.
I am 22 years old. I was born on September, 30 -1989 at sihiong, a city in medan, north sumatera. Ihave  finished my elementary school for 6 years, junior hingh school  for 3 years, and senior high  school for 3 years.
        I am a Batak nese and I’m proud to be a batak . I have  big family with mom, dad, 2 sister and 6 brothers. I love my family and they always support me in all my ways.
        Playing football is my hobby. I have liked football when I was ten years. I took football as my extra curricular in school. I sbent much time to  play football with my friends. All things about football are interested for me. I like gathering informationsabout local and international football  from tv and internet.
The informations  in club the players, uniforms, the match ,etc, real Madrid and ac Milan are my international football clubs.
       I have many dreams in my life and I always try to reach them, I like learning a new thing. When I have finished my study at senior hing school, I have finished my study at senior high school, I prefer to get a job rather than continue my study at university. But last years ago, i           

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