Selasa, 10 April 2012


1.         (v)        Collect             : on the rise of  BBM our collect people for demonstration  
            (n)        collection         : corps related to research study 
            (adj)     collective         : studentof gunadarmahave to be colletive degrade BBM
            (adv)    Collectively     : I follow test in a state of fever

2.         (v)        Help                : we follow to assist in celebration of noel
            (n)        Help                : the ambulance supply medicines for tsunami victim.
            (adj)     Helpless           : our head is dismissed without appreciation
            (adv)    Helpfully         : Run to run that is morning very useful for the helth of us

3.         (v)        care                  : President very care to society of indonesia
            (n)        Care                 : parliament member very care to society of jakarta
            (adj)     Corelless          : I lazy to work duty
            (adv)    Carefully         : Bus driver now liver caw again to driver hance him often accident

4.         (v)        Effect              : The demand of goods effects the price
            (n)        Effect              : The increasing of oil price has carried bad effect in our country
            (adj)     Effective         : Busway is not effective solution to reduce traffic
            (adv)    Effectively      : We need more times to salve the problems effectively

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