Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Conversation About Resignation

Susan Barnes is a clear-typist at Pelint Insurance. She is an excellent worker. This morning she went to see Mr. donni, the Officer Manager and handed him a letter saying that se was giving up her job. Mr. donni did not want Susan to leave so he tried to persuade her to change her mind.
Susan   : “Good morning, Mr. Harris!”
donni  : “Good morning, Mrs. Susan!”
Susan   : “Thank you. I’ve been waiting for you since this morning.”
donni  : “I’m sorry. I have just attended a meeting with client.”
Susan   : “Oh, I have heard about that.
donni  : “Is there a problem with your job?”
Susan   : “No, there is not.”
donni  : “Well, what can I do for you?”
Susan   : “First, I want to give this letter.”
donni : “Erm, let me see.”
Susan   : “That’s my resignation letter, Mr. Harris.”
donni  : “To be honest, I’m so surprised with this letter.”
Susan   : “It’s really difficult for me to decide Mr. Harris.”
donni  : “Could you tell me your reason? Basicly, you are excellent worker. So far, you have no problem with your job.”
Susan   : “I know what you mean Mr. Harris, but I have another plan in my life.”
donni  : “Honestly, it’s difficult for me to let you leave this company. You are the best Clear-Typist at Pelint Insurance.”
Susan   : “Thank you for compliment, Mr. Harris. I’m really flattered to hear that.”
dani  : “I suppose, you could change mind.”
Susan   : “I appreciate the work we have been able to accomplish together in this company.”
dani  : “Don’t you think to develop career here?”
Susan   : “I really want to develop my career, but I think I get big intesion in my job. And I must spend all of my time to work. Actually, I have very important role to take care my children and manage household. I have decided to work from home. I want to manage my business on-line from home.”
dani  : “Basicly, it’s good. But I think, nowadays, women have a bright career without neglecting their responsibility as housewife.”
Susan   : “I know what you mean, Mr Harris but I have thought it for long time.”
dani  : “From my point of view, you should rethink your decision. It maybe just a momentary emotion. I suppose, you should change your mind.”
Susan   : “I have considered a lot of thing before deciding it, Mr. Harris. So, I hope you could consider my resignation.”
dani  : “Honestly, this company needs you here. You are excellent worker. I like your performance. Do you think your salary was not enough? I think we can discuss together.”
Susan   : “I really appreciate your suggestions but I think my salary is not the main problem.”
dani  : “I think I can promote you to higher position if you like.”
Susan   : “It’s very kind of you but I think it is better decision for me now to end my jobs here.”
dani  : “Basicly, I only give some suggestions for you to rethink again. I suppose, you still want to change your mind.”
Susan   : “So far, I will not change my decision but like you said before I should rethink again. Could I ask more time to rethink?”
dani  : “I think it’s good idea. You can meet me again if you have already had a final decision.”
Susan   : “Thank You, Mr. Harris. It’s nice to share with you.”
donni  : “You’re welcome. We are partners and you can share with me if you like.”
Susan   : “I will decide it next week. I think, I need to discuss with my husband and my families.”
donni  : “It’s okey. Take your time.”
Susan   : “Thank you, Mr. Harris. I think it’s enough for me and I have to work again.”
donni  : “Of course, please.”
Susan   : “Good morning, Mr Harris!”
donni  : “Good morning Mrs. Susa

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